My encounter in heaven.
Among many encounters. Jesus took me to heaven. We were in the Father’s house, a all white mansion. Jesus was wearing a beautiful white robe. Jesus walked me down a hallway. We came to a door and he told me to walk in. I seen many popular apostles and prophets. I said to Jesus “I honor these men and women. Jesus said to me “Michael I call them merchandisers. A righteous anger was evident, he was not happy. He said “They no longer preach the gospel. They are merchandising. Their focus is ways to make money off the body of Christ. MICHAEL GIVE WARNING!!!

Listen— One thing I hate and will not tolerate is corrupt ministry. The show down has begun. Jesus Christ verses merchandisers. Guess who wins??? I give warning in this post. If you are merchandising the body of Christ. Stop!!!!!!!! Anointing’s will be lifted and your candle stick will be plucked. Matthew 7:21-23 Hell is real. -Mike Wills

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The Holy Spirit has an objective in your life. He is squashing this spiritual warfare. Every influence that has restricted you is bondage. We pronounce the truth against it. Every chaotic situation we speak into it and say shift and line up with God’s word. The attacks, word curses, accusations, sickness, heaviness, oppression and mental oppression. I declare broken and destroyed in Jesus name. Heaven declares you blessed!!! -Mike Wills